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Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

Online submission system

Online abstract submission is opened on January 16, 2023.
Please create the online system account.
After creating your account, PLEASE BACK TO THIS PAGE and submit abstract from the following link.

System Manual

The manual is shown how to create account and submit abstract through the online system. Please use this as assistance for using the online system.
Account create and Abstract submission Manual (PDF)

Deadiline for Abstract Submission

The abstract submission deadline is extended.
The new deadline is March 17, 2023, 23:59 JST. It is CLOSED.

Session List

  1.   Planets In and Outside of the Solar System
    • Planets and other bodies (except the Sun) in the Solar System
    • Exoplanets, exomoons, and other related objects outside the Solar System
  2.   Physics and Evolution of the Sun and the Stars
    • The Sun
    • The stars
  3.   From ISM to the Stellar and Planetary Systems
    • Interstellar and intergalactic medium
    • Formation process of stars
    • Formation process of plantary systems
  4.   Compact Objects and High Energy Astrophysics
    • Compact objects
    • High energy phenomenon
  5.   Galaxy, Galaxies and their Beginnings
    • Milky Way galaxy
    • Galaxies
    • Distant universe
    • Early universe
  6.   Multi-messenger Astronomy
    • Transient objects
    • What subject or object require multi-messenger approach
  7.   Telescopes and Detector Projects On and Out Of the Grounds
    • Instrumentation
    • Ground-based telescopes
    • Space telescopes
  8.   Networking the Public Outreach, Development and Sustainability
    • Public outreach (education is covered in the conference after APRIM)
    • Astronomy and development
    • Astronomy, environment, and sustainability
  9.   Astroinformatics in Big Data Era
    • Astroinformatics
    • Big data
    • Data archive
  10. Other topics not covered elsewhere (poster only)
    • If you feel you don「t find any session that fits your research topics or you are covering more than one category, please use this category.

* There is sub-session “Sub-session Future of research cooperation in Asia-Pacific Region” which is Invited ONLY session as 7S in the topic select section of abstract submission system.

Rules and Notes

Submission Rules for Abstract

  • Abstract would be only submitted exclusively online via this website.

  • The Organizers reserve the right to transfer the category of presentations from contributed oral to poster presentation and reject any abstract failure to comply with submission instructions mentioned on this website.

  • The presenting author must accept full responsibility for the content, submission, and presentation of the abstract, and retain full copyright of their abstract and presentation. By submitting an abstract, authors give consent and authorize the Organizers to publish or submit for publication their abstract and presentation and to include them in any meeting publications.

  • The principal investigator should be set as the first author, because the meaning of ‘corresponding author’ does not represent common meaning of corresponding author.

  • Presenting author of an accepted abstract should register and complete the full payment prior to deadline of conference registration, to be included in the program of APRIM 2023.

  • Each registrant can present or represent up to 2 accepted abstracts, up to 1 oral and/or 1 poster.

  • Please comply with the deadline regarding the abstract submission. The abstracts can be revised after submission; however, after the submission deadline, authors cannot make changes to the submitted abstracts.

  • Guidelines for presentation will be announced after the notification of abstract acceptance.

Requirements for Abstract Submission

Please prepare your abstract strictly according to the following instruction established by the APRIM 2023.

  • Abstract can be submitted only in English.

  • Authors are strongly advised to ensure the accuracy of the submitted abstracts, as they will appear as they are without editing by the organizers.

  • The maximum length of Abstract is 300 words.

  • The authors can upload an abstract file (PDF format) but it is not used for abstract judgement.

  • The Abstract keywords are at least 3 words. Please refer to ApJ keywords for your assistance.