APRIM 2023 Local Organizing Committee

Science Council of Japan

The Science Council of Japan (The SCJ) is the representative organization of Japanese scientist community ranging over all fields of sciences subsuming humanities, social sciences, life sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.

The SCJ was established in January 1949 as a “special organization” under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister, operating independently of the government, for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the field of science, and having science reflected in and permeated into administration, industries and people’s lives. It represents Japan’s scientists both domestically and internationally with the firm belief that science is the foundation upon which a civilized nation is built.

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International Astronomical Union (IAU)

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) was founded in 1919. Its mission is to promote and safeguard the science of astronomy in all its aspects, including research, communication, education and development, through international cooperation. Its individual Members — structured into Divisions, Commissions, and Working Groups — are professional astronomers from all over the world, at the Ph.D. level and beyond, who are active in professional research, education and outreach in astronomy. The IAU also has Junior Members. The IAU has a total membership of 12451. The Individual and Junior Members Directory contains 12125 names in 93 countries worldwide. These Members are labeled as “active” in the IAU database meaning they have a valid email (are able to vote and stay connected to the IAU activities) and are affiliated to at least one Division. IAU membership spans 93 countries. Out of those countries, 85 are National Members. In addition, the IAU collaborates with various scientific organizations all over the world.

University of Aizu (UoA)

In Aizu, there is a tradition of empowering society through education. This spirit has been inherited by the University of Aizu, and has helped develop a great many talented people, who have acquired concrete knowledge and skills and are able to be active in the world. 
The University of Aizu was established in 1993 as Japan’s first university specializing in computer science and engineering, which is a highly promising discipline with wide applications.
Its possibilities have the power to “change” or “create” the future.

Astronomical Society of Japan

The Astronomical Society of Japan (ASJ) was founded on 1908 January 19, with its main aim to promote and advance astronomy. ASJ was also approved as an incorporated society by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.