Disaster Response

Regarding the emergency situations that threaten the holding continuation of the tournament APRIM2023 itself

In the event of an emergency (in Japan, it is more likely to be a natural disaster such as the severe weather warning or storm warning, the actual occurrence of a destructive disaster such as an earthquake, or the outbreak of a infectious disease such as the recent coronavirus case as a sad example) during the APRIM2023, the organizing committee will promptly address the following two major areas:

  • Announce the incident to the participants by posting available information on the website and SNS. Onsite participants safety is the utmost concern here. When you yourself is in danger, shelter in place or away from the danger.
  • Activate the business continuation plan of the conference. The decision will be made daily whether to have the conference that day. Announcement will be done primarily through the website and SNS.

Here follows the outline of the guidance following such an incident. But, remember, you have to ensure your own safety first. It might be a good idea to look for Japanese colleagues staying in the same hotel.

  • DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE DURING THE CRISIS UNLESS YOU YOUSELF ARE IN A LIFE THREATENING SITUATION. Calling your loved ones or workplace to tell them you are OK while you are in a safe place can wait until the most serious needs are met.
  • If a weather warning is issued or a large-scale disaster occurs, and local participants are exposed to danger by entering the venue, the LOC may cancel the on-site activities including any presentations or change the format of the conference to all virtual. 
  • In principle, the decision to cancel the conference will be made on a day-by-day basis. For this reason, even if the first day is canceled, it may be held on the second day or later, or it may be canceled in the middle of the week.
  • In addition, even if the event is shortened or canceled for the entire period as prescribed, the presentations were done according to the pre-determined schedule. And the registration fee not be refunded.
  • If the conference is canceled as a whole, those who have registered for participation will be able to view the abstracts of the presentations through the conference system. Expenses related to this conference will stay as “participation registration fee”.