For Participants

Updated on August 7

Travel Information

Explore transportation details at: Here, you’ll find comprehensive information, including details about buses to and from the venue.

Participants Service at BIG PLETTE FUKUSHIMA (In-person)

If you need any problem and/or help during conference, please contact LOC Information Desk at venue or call to participants service telephone.

Place of Information Desk: 2nd Floor on Aug. 7. During Aug. 8-11, it is 1st Floor, next to Bandai (Exhibition Hall A)

Telephone: 080-6051-3432 (when you use international call, please add +81), 8:3 am – 6:00 pm

Tasting Japan – Savor the Flavors of Japan-

For those arriving at the venue on August 7th, an opportunity to indulge in local cuisine and beverages awaits you at Hall 1 Inawashiro prior to the opening ceremony. This delightful event kicks off at 9:00 AM! Join us after a quick visit to the reception desk for your name tag and other essentials. Remember, if you arrive in the morning, it’s advisable to bring your own lunch, as lunch box distribution will not be available on August 7th.

Opening ceremony


The Opening Ceremony on August 7 takes place in Room1-1 “Bandai” (Multi-purpose Hall A) on the first floor of the venue from 13:00. Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess Akishino will attend and give her words to congratulate the opening at this Opening Ceremony.

For security reasons, all participants and carry-ons must go through a metal detector at the entrance of the venue.

Make sure to have your name tag as the identification which will be supplied at the reception desk for participants. This reception desk will be at the second floor of the venue on the first day.

Police will close the doors to the Opening Ceremony Hall promptly at 12:50.

After this time nobody can enter the hall, and participation in the ceremony is only possible online.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. On this day, the reception desk will be open in the morning, and you will have special service (the details will be shown in our web site later), please come early enough.


  • Please do not leave valuables in the checkroom space. Valuable lockers are located on the 2nd floor.
  • Cold drinks can be purchased from vending machines.
  • Souvenirs can be purchased at the venue. (Japanese yen only)
  • Poster Sessions and Exhibitions are held in Hall 1: Inawashiro, where refreshments will be served and desks will be set up.

How to pick up your lunch box

No lunch box will be sold on the day. Please use restaurants, convenience stores, etc. in the vicinity of the venue.

  • Vouchers for the box lunch are distributed with the participation certificate.
  • Pick up your lunch between 12:00 – 13:30

Pray room

  • Prayer room is located on the first floor.
  • Prayer room is available between 9:00 – 15:30.

Capturing Moments: Group Photos and Media Interaction

Every day, we’ll capture group photos! Following each plenary talk, please gather in Room1-1 “Bandai” (Hall A) for a brief moment.

The Local Organizing Committee will be there to capture snapshots of you. Please let us know if you’d prefer not to have your photo published in reports or online.

During plenary talks, you might also have a chance to be interviewed by local media. Feel free to engage with them if you’re comfortable. Your insights are valuable!