For Presenters

Time allocation is as follows:

  • Invited speakers18 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Q&A (total should be within 30 minutes)
  • Plenary speakers40 minutes presentation + 18 minutes Q&A (total should be within 60 minutes)
  • Parallel session speakers(regular oral talks)10 minutes presentation + 2 minutes Q&A (total should be within 15 minutes)


  • In order to maintain the timetable for both in-person and online presentations, and all the time slots are filled with no wiggle room, the above time limit will be strictly enforced. The time allotted is from the time you begin connection to the conference system (both in-person and online) to the disconnection from it, not the presentation itself. Please prepare the material accordingly.
  • The session Chair will coordinate the Q&A (both in person and Zoom)
  • Some limited Tech support will be provided by the local organizers.
  • Emergency contact for presentation schedule: SOC chair Saeko S. Hayashi, <>.
  • All oral presenters can use the online conference system to share some supplemental materials. The system offers discussion support functions to oral presenters almost the same as to poster presenters.

In-person speakers

There will be a projector with HDMI connector  in each room so that all in-person speakers need to bring their own laptop or tablet pc, etc. for their presentations.
No computer for speakers’ presentations will be provided in the venue.


  • If your presentation has audio or video, please test them before until the session starts.There will be time allocated prior to each time block (usually 90 minutes) for such test.
  • The projectors are optimized with 16×9 aspect ratios.

Remote speakers

Online speakers to join by Zoom and, if that is the case, share their screen for the presentation. Zoom links will appear on the online conference system. 

Poster Presenters

All poster presenters, even in-person poster presenters, should prepare posters in digital format (ONE PDF file (PDF with multiple pages is acceptable) per poster, of which size is up to 5 MB) and upload it to the online conference system by August 6, 2023.

Authors can upload one video (mp4 file, of which size is up to 500 MB) as well. The PDF and video (if uploaded) will be treated as main presentation materials on the online conference system. Authors also can add some supplemental materials to the system (put an external link to any online storage or attach a small file).

The detailed instructions of our online conference system will be provided to the authors.

Online poster

  • All online posters will be displayed throughout the conference.
  • Poster presenters can have online presentation sessions throughthe online conference system at their preferred period.
    • Poster presenters are encouraged to indicate when their online presentation session will take place.
  • Participants can leave text comments, and presenters can reply to them.

On-site poster

  • Conference schedule will have some suggested core time for the poster presentations per session.
  • In person poster authors can bring their printed posters and mount them in the APRIM 2023 venue.
  • Printed posters
    • The maximum size for one poster at the poster venue is 900mm times 2100mm, portrait.
    • The organizers are not responsible for printing or storing the posters. Authors should arrange by themselves.
    • Authors are responsible for mounting and dismounting their own posters.
    • Please check your poster IDs (= abstract IDs) and mount your posters accordingly.
    • Posters can be mounted from 9:00 on August 7 and should be taken down by before 15:00 on August 11.


Abstracts will be posted online, accessible by participants only. There will be no additional publication of proceedings or journal of APRIM 2023.