Program at a Glance

  • Conference: Aug. 7 (Mon.) – 11 (Fri.) (Hybrid style: Onsite/online)
  • Excursion: On Aug. 9 (Wed.) and Aug. 12
  • Satellite meetings (visit the satellite meeting webpage for more details)
    • Workshop for Astroinformatics at University of Aizu on Aug. 12
    • International Conference on K-12 Astronomy Education at National Central University, Taiwan on Aug. 14
  • Public Lecture (in Japanese) on Aug. 12

Timetable (tentative)

Aug. 7 (Mon.)Aug. 8 (Tue.)Aug. 9 (Wed.)Aug. 10 (Thu.)Aug. 11 (Fri.)Aug. 12 (Sat.)
9:00-12:00Plenary talk / Parallel SessionPlenary talk / Parallel SessionPlenary talk / Parallel SessionPlenary talk / Parallel SessionExcursion
Lunch Committee MeetingsCommittee MeetingsCommittee MeetingsCommittee MeetingsExcursion
13:00-17:00Opening / Plenary talkParallel SessionExcursionParallel SessionParallel Session / ClosingExcursion /
Public Lecture (in Japanese)
EveningWelcome ReceptionBanquet

Session list

  • Planets In and Outside of the Solar System  
  • Physics and Evolution of the Sun and the Stars  
  • From ISM to the Stellar and Planetary Systems  
  • Compact Objects and High Energy Astrophysics  
  • Galaxy, Galaxies and their Beginnings  
  • Multi-messenger Astronomy 
  • Telescopes and Detector Projects On and Out Of the Grounds  
  • Networking the Public Outreach, Development and Sustainability  
  • Astroinformatics in Big Data Era
  • Topics covering multiple fields or new field

* There is sub-session “Sub-session Future of research cooperation in Asia-Pacific Region” which is Invited ONLY session as 7S in the topic select section of abstract submission system.