Hotel reservation

Dear APRIM2023 participants,

We want to remind you that the deadline for making a hotel reservation through the APRIM 2023 site is Thursday, June 29, 23:59:00 (JST).

The URL for the reservation site is:

Please be aware that you must make your own hotel arrangements if you miss this deadline.

We would also like to inform you about the excursions planned by APRIM 2023 LOC.
These programs are planned for the afternoon of Wednesday, August 9, and all day on Saturday, August 12.

For more details and to make reservations:
(There are three plans provided for each day.)

We hope you will participate in these exciting and attractive excursions, especially the one on Saturday, August 12, and choose to stay one more night in Koriyama on the 11th to learn and enjoy the interesting regional history and cultures. (The reservation for the excursions will stay open until later.)


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