Important: Lost and Found Items at APRIM2023 – Your Belongings Matter

Hello Fantastic Participants,

* This mail is sent to all registered participants, even if the person who attends online and/or cancels the registration.

Wow, time really has flown by, hasn’t it? Can you believe that tomorrow marks the last day of APRIM2023? We’ve had around 300 incredible individuals join us, and it’s only natural that a few items may have gone on their own little adventure.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve found.

1) Unopened box of tissues and children’s toys (?) 

2) Pen-shaped aromatics (marked “PLOSSA” PRESS & SOOTHE AROMATICS) 

3) Wet wipes (Daiso) 

4) Handkerchief (rose and strawberry pattern) 

5) Wristwatch 

6) USB charger (for smartwatch?) 

7) Souvenirs (honey, beans)

As we head into the final day, please take a moment to glance through the list. If you spot something that’s rightfully yours, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly LOC.

Remember that we’ll hold onto these items until 15:30 on August 11. After that, they’ll be bidding us farewell. So, if you realize something is missing, contact us or the Information Desk pronto.

Remember, lost and found isn’t just about things – it’s about memories and connections. Let’s make sure everything finds its way back home!

Warmest regards,


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